6000 Pushups, 3000 Situps & 3000 Squats - November 2020

Teenage Cancer Trust

Last year, Louis Fisher, Jacob Vahey, Charlie Collett, Manuel Gassmann and I set out on a ridiculous fitness and endurance challenge to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust. The charity plays a crucial part in supporting teenagers affected by Cancer. We raised a total of over £1000.

Move mber + Mo vember (60km edurance effort)


Alongside fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust, LUSQUASH (Lancaster University Squash Club) set out to raise funding for the yearly Movember campaign that supports Men's mental health and wellbeing. As a team, we raised a massive £1,046 for the charity.

The LUSQUASH Running challenge

Cumbria Coronavirus Relief Fund

When the first UK national lockdown hit, we knew that it would hit the club pretty hard. No squash could be played and fitness levels looked bleak. We also had a collective urge to do our bit to help the situation. So, we set out to run 8,080km as a club over the lockdown period and managed to run over 9,000. Raising a grand total of £1484 for the Cumbria Coronavirus Relief Fund.


Karing Frontiers

Karing Frontiers is a charity working hard to raise $10,966USD each year for the Mae Ra Moe Junior College in the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp. With time on my hands during the first UK national lockdown, I took it upon myself to completely revamp their digital presence. I developed a site complete with a bespoke donation payment gateway and helped the charity scale up to the next level. I continue to run the charity's digital operations on a completely voluntary basis.

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